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With Deem, Powered by Travelport+, and NDC Capability, Christopherson Business Travel accomplishes a significant milestone.

With Deem, Powered by Travelport+, and NDC Capability, Christopherson Business Travel accomplishes a significant milestone

The first travel management company (TMC) to successfully issue a ticket on the ground-breaking Deem platform since its integration with Travelport+ is Christopherson Business Travel, a pioneer in cutting-edge corporate travel solutions, and Travelport, a global technology company that powers travel bookings for hundreds of thousands of suppliers globally. A new era in contemporary retailing and a considerable development in corporate travel management are both heralded by the action.

Deem’s integration with Travelport+ exemplifies Christopherson’s dedication to giving its clients the most effective and cutting-edge travel booking choices. The customer experience is eventually improved through the use of new distribution capability (NDC) technology, which enables greater personalisation, flexibility, and openness in the booking and service of travel. Longtime Travelport partners, Christopherson was among the first TMCs in North America to upgrade to Travelport+, allowing the company to provide the cutting-edge retailing experience that clients want. With enhanced retailing capabilities, sophisticated cloud-based point of sale solutions, and tools that streamline operations, Travelport+ makes it easy to access content from multiple sources and creates value for both agents and travelers.

The use of Deem with Travelport+, according to Mike Cameron, CEO of Christopherson Business Travel, “is a game-changer for our clients.” This effective implementation not only puts us at the forefront of the sector but also guarantees that our customers get a user-friendly booking tool with Travelport+-powered multi-source material that includes NDC and is displayed in a contemporary storefront.

Deem with Travelport+ revolutionizes how business travel is booked and handled by offering unmatched benefits for business travelers. Through a single, user-friendly interface, this integration gives Christopherson travel advisers access to a wide range of travel-related content, including a large number of airlines, lodging options, and supplementary services.

“Deem and Travelport+ are modernizing the corporate travel experience, bringing two industry-leading channels together at one source to streamline the integration between the corporate booking tool and agency point of sale,” stated John Eliason, COO and Deputy CEO of Travelport. “Christopherson Business Travel, a dependable partner of ours, is a shining illustration of how a company can take the lead by utilizing cutting-edge technologies. Their emphasis on innovation nicely complements our goal of revolutionizing the corporate travel sector.

Through its many features, Deem with Travelport+ offers Christopherson’s clients a great deal of value, including:

Access to a wide range of airline material, including NDC-based services, is available to guarantee that customers have access to the most pertinent options.

A simplified booking procedure that saves time and decreases complexity through seamless integration and services, including NDC, is known as streamlined booking and servicing.

Personalization: Travel arrangements made specifically for each customer in accordance with their tastes and business requirements, improving the overall travel experience.

Christopherson Business Travel, which was established in 1953 and provides a range of high-touch services and exclusive tools, has consistently been at the forefront of corporate travel management. The incorporation of Deem with Travelport+ enhances Christopherson’s reputation as an industry pioneer.

In March 2023, Travelport purchased Deem, a top corporate travel management platform. This acquisition was made in response to the growing demand for a GDS-independent, tightly integrated solution that offers access to and end-to-end servicing of all multi-source information, including NDC.

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