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Wizz Air backs EASA project

Wizz Air backs EASA project

The “Fly Right” campaign was just launched by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The project seeks to encourage appropriate and law-abiding passenger behavior. Numerous other airlines are backing the new project, including Wizz Air, the airline with the fastest rate of growth in Europe and the one with the highest environmental standards*.

The most frequent incidents involving rowdy passengers include a variety of disruptive behaviors, such as disobeying crew directives, intoxication, verbal, and even physical altercations.

For Wizz Air, the safety and security of all travelers and crew members on board is of the utmost concern. Therefore, the carrier appreciates this initiative and is ready to actively take part in the promotion.

The following measurements are advised by EASA:

  • tighter regulations
  • Training for crew and personnel, cooperative reporting processes, and efficient communication
  • increased safety precautions
  • Education of passengers

The information acts as a general guide to ensure that every traveler has a nice and stress-free voyage. You may find it here on the website of the EASA’s Air Operations Community.

The “Fly Right” campaign’s primary objective is to raise passenger awareness of the issue by highlighting the three elements below:

  •  Ready for Flight: Advice for a smooth and stress-free flight, including how to pack wisely and in accordance with airline restrictions, keep informed, get to the airport early, stay hydrated, etc.
  • Be Polite: Emphasis is placed on showing consideration for the crew and other passengers, being patient and being calm, and cooperating with the crew.
  • Don’t Fight: Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated; passengers are advised of the value of using common sense and responsible behavior while traveling and the potential repercussions of acting inappropriately.

“The EASA Fly Right campaign is a possibility to increase safety across the entire aviation industry, and I am glad that we, as a responsible airline, are a part of this initiative,” said Miklós Bódai, Head of Security at Wizz Air. Our top concern is to keep both our staff and our passengers safe.

The frequency of disorderly passenger events and their severity have increased over the past three years in the European aviation industry, according to John Franklin, Head of Safety Promotion at EASA and coordinator of the agency’s “Fly Right” program. For this reason, this summer, EASA introduced the “Fly Right” Campaign. In order to reduce the risk to passengers and crew members, national authorities, airlines, and airports are urged to cooperate and communicate openly with travelers.

Source- Travel daily

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