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Air New Zealand launches live sports onboard.

Air New Zealand launches live sports onboard.

As the airline rolls out live TV across its widebody aircraft, sports fans flying with Air New Zealand will soon be able to support their favorite team from 33,000 feet in the air. The live TV entertainment trial, which will be made available on the airline’s 787 and 777 planes, will be gradually introduced starting today, offering customers of Air New Zealand a front-row view of the action and featuring programming such as upcoming All Blacks matches.

Customers of Air New Zealand will be able to follow every play of the game thanks to live sport onboard, provided they follow the instructions of the airline’s “Onboard Officials.” In order to ensure that passengers can enjoy the action and celebrate (or commiserate) without becoming their neighbor’s worst nightmare, the airline has created some rules of fair play in the skies.

Tips from Air New Zealand for maintaining composure while watching live sports:

  • Please stay seated; although cheering is encouraged, this is not a line out.
  • Observe your neighbors’ privacy because they may be doing something else.
  • When competing for armrest space, stay onside because going offside could get you a yellow card.
  • Recline, unwind, and take in the game!
  • Launching live TV onboard, according to Air New Zealand Chief Customer and Sales Officer Leanne Geraghty, gives passengers more entertainment options than before. Adding live sport is a great way to provide customers access to even more material so they never have to miss a minute of the game. “We’ve been on a quest to deliver consumers the best entertainment options in the skies.

We love rugby, much like most Kiwis, so starting the roll out of live sport today means passengers will be able to watch live rugby onboard and cheer on their team while in the air.Although we are aware that many of our customers are ardent sports fans, there are a few rules we advise adhering to, such as being seated and keeping your neighbors in mind when celebrating.

The live TV service provided by Air New Zealand includes Sport 24, a channel that connects viewers to must-see sporting events and is offered by Panasonic Avionics. Customers may watch the Rugby World Cup, Premier League, US Open, NRL, AFL, NFL, and many other events on the channel.

Source- Travel daily

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