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Algarve: Seven Days, Seven Walks

Algarve: Seven Days, Seven Walks

Due to its favorable weather, autumn is the ideal time to visit the Algarve and learn more about the area. This region of Portugal has wonderful hiking paths for all skill levels and is blessed with a beautiful coastline as well as a steep and softly rounded mainland.

Hiking increases your muscle mass, mental acuity, and happy hormones. According to helpguide, even five minutes in nature can improve your attitude and self-esteem. Outdoor exercise is crucial for both physical and mental health.

Here is a list of the top seven day hikes and walks in the Algarve, ranging from easy treks for families to strenuous excursions.

(Cabo de So Vicente) Cape St. Vincent – This significant landmark boasts dramatic cliffs and an iconic lighthouse that has been on the Cape since 1520. It is the southernmost point of continental Europe. When you reach Cabo So Vicente, you can put yourself in the shoes of the pilgrims who formerly completed their journey at St. Vincent’s grave.
From there, hikers can either follow the Fishermen’s Trail, a section of the Rota Vicentina network that connects Cape St. Vincent with both towns, all the way to Sagres or to Vila do Bispo. Vila do Bispo is 10 miles away, while Sagres is 6 km away. The trail is clearly marked with blue and green stripes on rocks and wooden poles for convenience.
Cape St. Vincent to Sagres takes one hour and 30 minutes; Cape St. Vincent to Vila do Bispo takes two hours. 2 hours and 30 minutes / Moderate Challenge

DAY TWO Seven Hanging Valleys Trail – The Seven Hanging Valleys Trail, which passes through some of the Algarve’s most breathtaking landscape, is regarded as one of the most picturesque hikes in all of Europe. The track leads trekkers to undiscovered beaches and natural arches while passing through limestone cliffs, providing breathtaking views of the ocean. The distance between Praia da Marinha and Praia de Vale Centeanes is 5.7 kilometers. Although you can start from either end, starting at Praia da Marinha and moving west is more typical.
Duration: It typically takes 3 hours, 30 minutes to accomplish this hike. Challenge Level: Generally speaking, this method is moderately difficult.

Monchique, Fóia – The adjacent mountain peak of Fóia, which rises to a height of 902 meters and is the highest point in the Algarve, is one of the main attractions of Serra de Monchique. Amazing views of the Algarve coastline, including Portimo and Lagos to the south and Cabo de So Vicente to the west, can be seen from the summit. With a guided trek from Algarvian Roots or Proactivetur, explore the Algarve’s abundant mountain, forest, river, and clean air. This guided excursion may also include a session on a potter’s wheel, a visit to an olive mill with an olive oil tasting, and a workshop making soap, depending on the option you select.
8-hour duration; €145/£123 per person, depending on the additional activities selected; Moderate level of difficulty

4th day
Park Natural Ria Formosa – This area consists of islands and saltwater lagoons and spans more than 18,000 hectares. Flamingos and other migrating species can be seen there, making it a sanctuary for birdwatchers. You can choose a route that suits your pace from a variety of walking pathways. You can experience a variety of environments along the So Lourenço Walking Trail, including marshes, scrubland, and freshwater lakes.
The Marim Centre of Environmental Education Walking Trail, which is in Olho, can take up to two hours and is perfect for families because it is not only simple to complete but also includes a tide mill, Roman remains, and all the habitats found in the Ria Formosa Nature Park.
Walking trails at the Marim Center for Environmental Education are open for two hours, while the So Lourenço Walking Trail is three hours long. Both Moderate levels.

One of the less well-known natural springs is the Fonte da Benémola Nature Reserve. The surrounding protected area, which is surrounded by 400 hectares of land, receives water from the Ribeira da Menalva, which enriches a significant ecological system and supports a wide variety of flora and fauna, including insects, butterflies, turtles, lizards, salamanders, and many other species. An idyllic day out with the family may be had at the 2.5-mile Fonte Fonte da Benémola hike in the Loulé municipality.
Time limit: two hours / Challenge Level: Simple

DAY SIX On the Algarviana Trail – Though the north-eastern region of the Algarve is less popular with tourists, it nonetheless has a distinctive combination of rolling hills, quaint villages, and unspoiled natural beauty. The 300-kilometer-long Via Algarviana trek traverses the entire region from Alcoutim, close to the Spanish border, all the way to Cape St. Vincent on the western coast. You can walk from Alcoutim to Balurcos, though, and get views of the Guadiana River, cork oak woods, medieval villages, and rich flora and fauna if you’re specifically interested in the north-eastern portion.
Durations: Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes / Moderate

Day Seven: “A Window to the Guadiana” This trek starts in the characteristic village of Azinhal in the Baixo Guadiana region of the Eastern Algarve and concludes at Várzea das Almas. Trekkers will enjoy views of the Guadiana River along this path, have the opportunity to explore the towns’ historical buildings, and experience breathtaking landscapes including wetlands, dryland orchards of almond and carob trees, and hills covered in cistus, gorse, and lavender. Near the mouth of the Guadiana, trekkers will be astounded by the bridge connecting Portugal and Spain as they pass by the salt marches that have taken over the wide marshes along the riverbank.
Duration: This walk typically lasts 2 hours 30 minutes, and the difficulty level is moderate.

Where can we stay?

Casa Modesta is a family home with views of the Ria Formosa and the Atlantic Ocean that has been exquisitely refurbished. Casa Modesta is a rural hotel with a distinct contemporary Portuguese edge for guests looking for a stay in the midst of nature and wildlife. The utilization of environmentally friendly practices such as natural ventilation, wastewater recycling, and the farm to table concept, whereby they raise their own vegetables for use in their Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, has also been taken into consideration. And it’s just four miles from the center of Olho city in Quatrim do Sul, right in the middle of the Ria Formosa Nature Park.
Price for a room with a sea view is €180/£155 per night, depending on two adults sharing a room.

In the historic village of Vila Real de Santo António in the East Algarve, the Grand House Algarve is a Relais Châteaux Belle Epoque hotel. This hotel is ideal for individuals who wish to rest somewhere glam after suffering a hard day of hiking because it brings with it a resurgence of the splendor of the Roaring Twenties and the nation’s rich past with the architectural details and furniture showcasing art deco and colonial influences.
Prices for a Small Room start at €227/£195 per night, based on two adults sharing a room.

With its 74,000 hectares of marshland, majestic cliffs, rocky coves, and wide beaches, the Vicentine Coast Natural Park’s Praia do Canal Nature Resort elevates outdoor interaction to a whole new level. The resort offers a variety of treatments and therapies for those want to pamper themselves after a hike, as well as those seeking to unwind and repair body and mind. Along with sustainability and the environment, local ingredients are even used in some of the dishes. And with only a 45-minute drive from Cape St. Vincent, a 45-minute drive from Foia, or a 50-minute drive from the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail, this resort serves as the ideal halfway point for several of the walks mentioned above.
A deluxe natural park view room with two persons sharing costs about €258/£221 per night.

The Western Algarve’s Serra de Monchique Natural Park is home to the Pure Monchique Hotel, which enjoys a wonderful location with breathtaking views of the valley and mountains. Visitors can stroll along the 39 hectares’ worth of pedestrian walkways, take in a number of green spaces, and enjoy the streams where the renowned water of Monchique runs. This opulent boutique hotel has 22 rooms, a Thermal Spa, and two outdoor swimming pools. It has contemporary lines and decor.
A Classic room for two adults costs €113/£97 per night.

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