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Amazingly Beautiful Offbeat Locations For A Refreshing Travel Experience

Amazingly Beautiful Offbeat Locations For A Refreshing Travel Experience

In a world where there are innumerable places to go on vacation, more and more people are looking for distinctive places that are less crowded. These eccentric treasures provide beautiful aesthetics, serenity, and the chance to fully immerse oneself in the present. These magnificent locations are ideal for escaping off the grid and partaking in life-changing experiences if you’re sick of traveling the typical tourist routes.

The founder and director of Zuper Hotels & Resorts, Akaal Manchanda, offers a list of six unusual holiday places in India that not only offer priceless memories but also a revitalising travel experience.


All types of tourists can find something to do here, whether they’re adrenaline addicts, photographers, vacationers, nature lovers, or people looking to recharge. You may tour a lot of historic forts, beautiful waterfalls, valleys, and temples. In addition to this, it offers a variety of adventurous pursuits, including camping, hiking, rock climbing, and more.


There are five Sahyadri hills surrounding this peaceful hill town in the Satara district. Anyone can get lost in the lovely wilderness due to the tranquilly and pleasant weather. You will fall in love with this hill station the moment you see the calm Krishna River meandering through villages and small farms, the enigmatic Rajputi Caves, picturesque Sydney Point, Devrai Art Village and the Cliff Resort.

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