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Leh Hundreds of tourists trapped by snow, rescued from Changla Axis.

Leh: Hundreds of tourists trapped by snow, rescued from Changla Axis.

Police rescued 100 stranded travellers from the perilous Changla Axis, according to officials.

Police began the rescue effort on Friday night due to the large number of visitors and local passengers who needed assistance.Along with the Ladakh Police’s UTDRF rescue squad, the Army and GREEF rescue teams actively took part in the rescue effort. All of the passengers were successfully evacuated to Leh thanks to their combined efforts, according to authorities.

The two days of persistent, intermittent precipitation made slick, treacherous road conditions necessary for the rescue mission.

At Changla Top, a number of vehicles, including taxis and private cars, particularly those occupied by tourists, became immobile.

The police team from Kharu and Tangste police posts quickly rushed to Changla Top in response to the emergencies brought on by the bad weather and sporadic snowfall, which were made worse by icy road conditions. Their main goal was to rescue and evacuate the stranded passengers, with a focus on women, children, and tourists in particular.

“Those who had self-driving cars were put in local taxis and police cars, which took them to safer regions. With the assistance of local drivers, private automobiles were also safely transported to secure locations, according to the police.

Additionally, priority was given to tourists and kids who were having medical issues, assuring their prompt evacuation to Leh.

In order to ensure safer travel, the Ladakh Police advised visitors and members of the general public to abide by weather forecasts and arrange their trips accordingly. (ANI)

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