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Be Inspired By Visiting Portugal

“Be Inspired By Visiting Portugal”

This September, Visit Portugal will attend the hugely popular FTWeekend for a second time. On September 2, 2023, at Kenwood House Gardens, guests of FTWeekend will have the chance to immerse themselves in Portuguese flavors, wines, and books thanks to the partner theme “Be Inspired by Visit Portugal.” The one-day festival will feature important panel discussions, cookery demos, and live jazz and poetry performances.

Visitors to FTWeekend will be transported to Portugal through a variety of culinary experiences, superb wines, and literary sessions that emphasize Portugal’s best features. From the shore to the interior, visitors will be motivated to explore Portugal.

Nuno Fazenda, Portugal’s Secretary of State for Tourism, Commerce, and Services, continued: “Historically, Portugal’s top tourist destination has been the United Kingdom. The first semester of 2023 is the best in Portuguese tourist history, including that coming from the British market, where hotel guests increased by about 10% from 2019, the previous best year, to this point. Brits are also learning about new places and tourist attractions. Portugal’s participation in this famous Financial Times event offers the chance to further promote its reputation as an excellent year-round travel destination.

Portugal is a popular destination for tourists from the UK. Revenue and visitors from the UK have continued to increase at the location. In the first half of 2023 compared to the same time in 2019, Portugal saw a 15% increase in tourist revenue from the UK and a 9% increase in UK visitor arrivals.

The planned workshops will take participants on a trip and cater to individuals looking for meaningful and immersive travel experiences beyond typical tourist destinations. A literary tourism excursion will be led by renowned novelist José Luis Peixoto for a discriminating audience, revealing stories and clarifying what lies between the pages. This literary adventure promises to add a magical literary element to any journeys to Portugal.

Portuguese cuisine offers an enticing fusion of flavors and traditions. from the well-known “pastéis de nata” custard pastries to classic seafood and fish entrees. Henrique Sá Pessoa, a two-star Michelin chef from Portugal, will serve a delectable salt cod meal to onlookers.

Portuguese two-Michelin-star chef José Avillez will moderate insightful debates about Portugal’s culinary journey, from field to table, with Danilo Cerqueira, Tempo Vip CEO, and Rachel O’Reilley, KUONI Director of Communications.

Every taste of Portuguese wine opens a door to centuries of viticultural heritage as it tells tales of ancient vineyards, from the Douro Valley to Azores wines. As Master of Wine Julia Harding and FT drinks journalist Alice Lascelles lead a tasting of the most exquisite Portuguese wines, guests can set off on their own journey through Portuguese wines.

These tourism niches embody not only a dedication to cultural preservation and sustainability, but also have a profoundly transformational effect. Their attractiveness stems from their capacity to lead tourists into new realms of exploration, thought, and taste. This assortment of activities, which is opulent in its departure from the norm, has the potential to provide a rich, all-encompassing, and spectacular travel experience in the future.

The tens of thousands attending FTWeekend will also discover Portugal’s reputation as one of the world’s most exciting travel destinations and how it is setting the standard for cuisine, culture, and literature.
Source- Travel daily

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