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British Airways said it will invest millions of pounds in a new pilot trainee programme.

British Airways said it will invest millions of pounds in a new pilot trainee programme.

A brand-new pilot cadet programme being introduced by British Airways will provide funding for up to 60 aspiring pilots’ training each year. The economic barrier to training to become an airline pilot will be eliminated with the establishment of the British Airways Speedbird Pilot Academy, making the career considerably more accessible. After clearing the course, successful candidates will be offered a career as a British Airways pilot, assisting the airline in ensuring it has the necessary levels of future flying talent for years to come.

For many, becoming a pilot is out of reach due to the high expense of initial training, which can reach tens of thousands of pounds. British Airways will now cover this expense as part of its multi-million pound commitment in developing its future generation of pilots, making becoming a pilot a real career option for all aspirants.

The airline is keen to raise awareness, visibility, and applications to this new cadet programme to persons from all backgrounds, not just those who can pay the first training expenditures. The airline remains committed to further growing diversity in the aviation business.

The Speedbird Pilot Academy would help students who had previously discounted the possibility due to the financial burden realise their dream of becoming a British Airways pilot, according to Sean Doyle, Chairman and CEO of British Airways.

“Our goal is to draw in the best talent available for our upcoming pilot generation. We’re levelling the playing field by removing the first training cost barrier to make a flying profession more accessible to a larger spectrum of individuals and give everyone an equal shot, whether they are just graduating from high school or starting a second career they never imagined conceivable.

A career as a British Airways pilot is tremendously gratifying because we fly to more than 200 destinations worldwide on a variety of aircraft types. Anyone can make it a reality thanks to this once-in-a-generation programme.

This is a fantastic job for anyone, according to British Airways Senior First Officer and former cadet Hannah Vaughan. Naturally, you must enjoy flying and travelling, but working as a pilot with British Airways offers so much more.

“I would definitely recommend it as a career path, from working with an incredibly dedicated team and meeting customers from around the world to benefiting from world-class training facilities.”

Successful applicants will be given a spot at one of the approved flight training schools, with British Airways paying for all of their tuition.

One component of the airline’s larger pilot recruitment strategy is the Speedbird Pilot Academy. In addition to partnering with the UK Armed Forces to provide military pilots new career possibilities in commercial aviation once their stipulated service tenure has expired, British Airways continues to hire current commercial pilots.

Source- Travel daily

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