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The Perdana Fellow Alumni Association (PFAA) and MITEC are working together to empower the next generation.

The Perdana Fellow Alumni Association (PFAA) and MITEC are working together to empower the next generation.

The Perdana Fellow Alumni Association (PFAA) and MITEC are working together as a strategic partner to unlock the potential of young people and promote change-makers whose leadership will help the nation achieve the SDGs. Mala Dorasamy, CEO of MITEC, stated that the association “aligns with the direction for the centre to accomplish Youth 4 Global Goals (Youth4GG) to promote and support the change-makers of their leadership abilities that will act as a catalyst in driving the accomplishment of SDGs or also known as the Global Goals and Agenda 2030” in order to harness the potential of young people in Malaysia.

In order to give young Malaysians first-hand exposure to issues of national government, the Ministry of Youth and Sports formed the PFAA in 2013. The chosen young people were chosen from among thousands of applicants, and “The cream of the crop” was given to the ministers of various ministries to help in the highest level of governance. They join the Perdana Fellows Alumni Association (PFAA) after completing the fellowship, continuing the tradition of encouraging a close network between youth leaders and corporate, governmental, and non-profit leaders.

“We are deeply honoured to receive the support of MITEC, a significant economic catalyst and renowned Gateway of Southeast Asia,” said Syed Mohamed Arif, president of PFAA. In order to achieve our ambitious goal of raising the association’s reputation within ASEAN and beyond, a cooperation with MITEC will certainly be expedited. The International young Centre (IYC) and MITEC have similar goals in creating an empowered young to contribute to the nation with their ideas, skills, and manpower for the improvement of the next generation in the country. MITEC hopes to identify numerous talents through this association. “We believe MITEC’s initiative to support and partner with PFAA is based on shared responsibility to make society a better place and is a good way to expand as well as include more holistic approaches in corporate social responsibility,” said YBhg Dr. Hi Mohamed Maliki, Director of the International Youth Centre.

The MITEC organisation has started initiatives to address youth empowerment before. eUsahawan Young Heroes by MDEC, the Business Events (BE) forum, the Elite Programme for talent development, Michelin Guide Debut with Sunway & Taylors University, and giving interns platforms in engineering, finance, business development, marketing, culinary and hospitality industry at the largest venue in Malaysia as part of the graduate programme are just a few of the well-known initiatives that MITEC has partnered with.

“With partnerships, we have successfully introduced fresh and innovative approaches to attain the SDGs in a more approachable manner,” added Mala Dorasamy, CEO of MITEC. In this situation, the collaboration will effectively unlock the potential of youth, enabling them to make a substantial contribution to our common SDGs.

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