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Despite economic challenges, travellers from the APAC region prioritise wanderlust above finances.

The 2023 edition of’s APAC Travel Confidence Index (TCI) has been made public. The paper offers a thorough analysis of travel mindsets throughout Asia-Pacific (APAC) in light of the current macroeconomic conditions. It exposes a startling paradox: astonishingly, 73% of APAC tourists remain unwaveringly optimistic about their future travel intentions over the course of the next 12 months, despite the fact that financial issues are their top worry (42%).

Despite the intricate and linked challenges pressing on the world economy, such as inflation, climate change, and supply chain disruptions, more over half (53%) of travellers questioned have no intention of cancelling any of their trip plans. What’s more impressive is that 59% of these travellers not only stick to their original travel schedules, but also want to take additional trips and spend more money on travel this year.

Over 8,000 tourists from 11 different APAC nations and territories, including Singapore, participated in the TCI 2023 research, which was commissioned by and independently carried out by Milieu Insight between April and May 2023. It provides a thorough investigation of traveller confidence and interest in sustainability across a range of APAC destinations. Singapore comes up at number four (4th) in the rankings that evaluate travellers’ levels of confidence in each market.

In addition, the research introduces four different traveller personas for the first time, including insightful information about their primary driving forces, priorities, and travel habits:

Eco-friendly and sustainable travel are aggressively pursued by Conscious Explorers (Hong Kong, India, China, and Taiwan). They are committed to discovering while reducing their negative effects on the environment. To be consistent with their ideals, they participate in ecotourism, stay in eco-friendly hotels, and give to the community.

Comfort and convenience are prioritised by Comfort Seekers (Singapore, Australia). They look for luxurious getaways and lodgings that promote the utmost in relaxation. In their travel choices, they place a premium on comfort above sustainability and appreciate individualised services and high-quality amenities.

Due to their awareness of their environmental responsibilities and motivation to support the places they visit, Mindful Voyagers (Vietnam) take a deliberate and mindful approach to travelling. However, they frequently feel anxious in strange settings and actively look for methods to get over their fears and build confidence.

Homebound Pragmatists (New Zealand, Korea, Japan, and Thailand) favour practical travel and relocating close to their current location. They prioritise convenience, efficiency, and optimising time and resources. They seek seamless travel experiences that are well-organised and efficient, making the most of their limited time and resources.

Source: traveldailymedia

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