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The TAAI Convention in Colombo will be attended by the president and prime minister of Sri Lanka.

The TAAI Convention in Colombo will be attended by the president and prime minister of Sri Lanka.

The 67th Convention of TAAI will take place in Colombo from July 6 to 9, 2023, with H.E. Ranil Wickremesinghe, the President of Sri Lanka, serving as the Chief Guest at the opening ceremony. He will address the delegation and wish them a warm welcome to Sri Lanka.

H.E. the Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Gopal Bagley will be in attendance and will speak to the TAAI delegates during the opening ceremony. Dinesh Gunawardena, the honourable prime minister of Sri Lanka, will attend the event on July 7th, 23 and all delegates to the Indian Travel Congress will be hosted for dinner at Lemon Trees, the prime minister’s residence.

The Association has scheduled an engaging combination of Knowledge Sessions and Speakers to keep the delegates interested throughout the 67th TAAI Convention and Exhibition in Colombo, which is just around the corner. The Convention, which is set to take place from July 6 to July 9, 2023, has drawn a sizable contingent from India, with 500 stakeholder members.

The Convention this year is entirely futuristic, according to Jyoti Mayal, President of TAAI, when discussing its theme. The pandemic is officially over. Despite the fact that it was horrible, cruel, and utterly devastating, the moment has come for us to go on. Since tourism doesn’t require boundaries, when we talk about “transcending borders,” we mean crossing international borders. Every nation benefits from tourism, which is a highly economically driven industry and forms the foundation of every nation, bringing prosperity and peace. However, TAAI would like to move beyond the Transcending Borders because this is where tourism is headed and you have to transcend all of your thoughts in order to literally smash the glass ceiling. Tourism is undergoing significant change. Different travel interests exist among people. They are seeking out novel experiences and new locations. Your intellect must therefore evolve in the same way that you have. Instead of dwelling on the past, we need to concentrate on how growth may occur. To transform lives, we must transcend our brains.

‘India Tourism Vision 2047: A Transformed Landscape of Experiences and Connections’; ‘The boundless potential of the skies’; ‘Experiential Travel: A Paradigm Shift in Tourism’; ‘Differentiating Travel: Perspectives from Industry Experts’; ‘Transcending Borders: Strengthening International Relations for a Transformed World’; and ‘TAAI: The Road Ahead’ are among the topics covered in the business sessions scheduled for the convention.

Some of the Speakers includes Arvind Singh, former Secretary Tourism, Government of India; Madhavan Menon, Managing Director, Thomas Cook India Limited; Nipun Agarwal, Chief Commercial and Transformation Officer, Air India and . K.B. Kachru, Chairman Emeritus & Principal Advisor – South Asia, Radisson Hotels Group, Ashish Gupta, Consulting CEO, FAITH; Pieter Elbers, CEO Indigo; Amitabh Khosla – Country Director – India, IATA; Praveen Iyer – Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer, Akasa Air; Rajeev Bhatia – Chief Commercial Officer, Amadeus India; Vinay Malhotra – Head of Global Sales, Indigo; Richard Nuttall – CEO, Sri Lankan Airlines; Kapil Kaul, CEO and Director, CAPA India; Ajeet Bajaj, Dev Karvat – Founder and CEO Asego Insurance; G B Srithar – Regional Director, India, Middle East & South Asia, Singapore Tourism Board; Commander Nevil Malao – Senior Vice President, JM Baxi & Co.; Noel Swain, COO – Passport, eVisa, Identity & Citizen Services, VFS Global; Sandeep Dwivedi – CEO – InterGlobe Technology Quotient, to name a few.

The Honourable Minister of Tourism and Lands of Sri Lanka, Harin Fernando, will deliver a special address on the convention’s last day. “Our convention will act as a conduit for fostering stronger bilateral ties between India and Sri Lanka,” said Jay Bhatia, Vice President of TAAI. We anticipate that this event will be a beneficial place for networking and building solid business relationships because there will be 200 or more Sri Lankan tourism stakeholders present during the B2B sessions. This kind of connection is essential for utilising the rising inbound and outbound travel from India and directing it towards places that provide novel, exciting experiences.

Given the enormous potential for outward travel, Mayal continued, “The Indian market will surely become one of the most sought-after markets globally. Let’s take advantage of this chance as we all get ready to meet in Colombo to investigate these trends, exchange our knowledge, and collaborate to create a future where travel transcends boundaries and genuinely changes lives.

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