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For Halloween, the cities have a haunted castle

Due of the approaching Halloween holiday, Ubuy has finished researching Europe’s most eerie castles. By looking over TripAdvisor ratings and descriptions, they discovered five cities that are home to possibly haunted castles.

Faizan Khan at Ubuy commented on the news and said:

As Halloween draws near, we made the decision to update our research on castles and find out which ones are thought to be the most haunted globally. We anticipate that many thrill-seekers will add these five European towns to their winter vacation bucket lists so they can investigate for themselves. These cities were discovered to be the home of creepy ghosts and spooky happenings. This Halloween, spooky buildings may be seen anywhere over the continent, from Dublin to Ghent.

Let’s now examine five castles that may be haunted in Europe:

  • Italia’s Milan

Let’s start with taking a look at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, which was first constructed in the 15th century by Francesco Sforza, the duke of Milan at the time. One of the most spooky locations in the city is undoubtedly the castle; ‘the Veiled Lady’ is merely one of the many ghosts rumored to roam the grounds of the castle.

One TripAdvisor review mentioned a “haunted night tour” that some fortunate travelers were able to take, providing more details on the frightening place and its spooky residents.

  • Cyprus’s Larnaca

Next is the 12th-century Larnaka Medieval Castle, which is located in the Greek city of Larnaca. Since then, this historic building has served as an outdoor theater where a variety of artwork is on display, but may it also house something a little more eerie?

The castle had “an air of familiarity,” according to a TripAdvisor user, who went on to say that they thought it was “still haunted by the nearby, in the wall, execution sala, where they hanged convicts, in the last period of British rule.”

  • Czech Republic’s Brno

One of the castles mentioned as having the potential to harbor bad spirits is the Spilberk Castle near Brno. The city’s landmark, which blends Gothic and Baroque architectural styles, is located on a hilltop and is clearly recognized.

One visitor said of the building, “You quickly realize that the people working (in the castle) are both haunted and possessed.” Visitors are cautioned to remain aware of the personnel and any potential ghosts inside the castle.

  • Brussels, Belgium

The Gravensteen castle, which is located in the Belgian city of Ghent, has a particularly ghastly past. Gravensteen, which dates back to 1180, has a history of being a place of torture and questioning, where many victims suffered agonizing deaths.

As a result, many people assert that the castle may be inhabited by the supernatural. One TripAdvisor user described the site as “a bad Halloween haunted house” and said that “a grotesque and morbid theme” is present throughout the castle.

  • Ireland’s Dublin

Lastly, Eleanor Barnwell, who is supposedly looking for her first love, is reported to haunt the Drimnagh Castle in Dublin. Many visitors have reported having supernatural encounters.

The 15th-century castle dates to Norman times, is steeped in history, and is reportedly haunted, according to a TripAdvisor review.

Overall, the research has shown that there are numerous castles spread out across Europe that may be home to the paranormal. Will you take the risk and travel to one of these eerie places this Halloween?

Source- Travel daily

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