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The spookiest road trips in the UK for Halloween 

The spookiest road trips in the UK for Halloween 

Halloween is quickly approaching, so people all around the UK will be looking for spooky activities to make the most of the occasion.  The UK is full with haunted and frightening places, therefore LKQ Euro Car Parts has investigated the top Halloween-themed road trips in each region to enable motorists experience the spookier side of the nation.

Time in Scotland: 433 miles, 3 to 4 days.

This tour begins in Edinburgh, a city known for its several allegedly haunted locales, including Edinburgh Castle and a number of historic cemeteries with famous tombs. You’ll then journey to Culzean Castle, halt at Crathes Castle, and then continue up the country to the renowned Stirling Castle. Cruden Bay is the next stop before arriving at Culloden Moor to complete the journey.

eerie sightings 

Edinburgh: Old cemeteries, notable tombs, and the ghosts of Edinburgh Castle

A mystery lady and a ghostly piper live at Culzean Castle.

There are several ghosts at Stirling Castle, including a phantom Highlander.

The Green Lady’s ghost haunts Crathes Castle.

Large portions of Dracula by Bram Stoker were written in Cruden Bay.

Ghostly combat sounds from the combat of Culloden in 1746 can be heard on Culloden Moor.

2. Northern England 

Time: 3 to 4 days and 247 miles.

The voyage starts at the impressive Bamburgh Castle, continues through Northumberland to Chillingham Castle, and then descends into Yorkshire to reach Whitby. You will next go to York, where you will stop by Treasurer’s House and spend the night in the eerie Black Swan hotel. You’ll enter Lancashire the following morning to reach Pendle Hill, where your tour will end.

eerie sightings

Bamburgh Castle served as the backdrop for the 2015 MacBeth movie.

Chillingham Castle: Touted as the spookiest castle in all of Britain.

Whitby: In Bram Stoker’s novel, this is where Dracula initially arrived in England.

York: the haunted Black Swan hotel and the Treasurer’s House, where spectral Roman legions have been seen.

Pendle Hill: The location of the 1612 witch trials, which is rumored to still be inhabited by the specters of the accused.

The Midlands 3.

Time: 2 days and 136 kilometres.

You’ll leave from Croft Castle and go to Kidderminster to see the Drakelow Tunnels, a spooky military bunker, before going to Dudley Castle. The historic Aston Hall in Birmingham is the next stop on the tour. Before going to Kelham Hall in Nottinghamshire, you’ll journey to the Leicester Guildhall. Both places have been in the television program Most Haunted. 

eerie sightings

Owain Glyndwr’s seven-foot ghost is said to haunt Croft Castle.

Visitors at Drakelow Tunnels report strange mists and eerie wartime music.

Dudley Castle is inhabited by ghosts including The Grey Lady.

The White Lady, the jailed daughter of a previous owner, resides in Aston Hall.

Most Haunted featured Leicester Guildhall.

Kelham Hall is the residence of many spirits.

  1. Wales

Time: 2 to 3 days and 269 miles.

You will leave from the historic castle town of Conwy in North Wales, stop at the infamous Ruthin Gaol prison, and then continue on to Abergavenny, where you may spend the night at the renowned Skirrid Mountain Inn. Before seeing Craig y Nos Castle, you will drive through the settlement of Crickadarn as you enter South Wales. You’ll visit Tenby for its renowned ghost walk last.

eerie sightings

Conwy: The town’s medieval ghost tour.

Experience slamming doors and eerie whispering sounds at Ruthin Gaol, a historic prison.

The most haunted pub in Wales is located in the historic Skirrid Mountain Inn, which has a sordid past.

An American Werewolf in London’s Yorkshire village was Crickadarn.

A number of ghosts are said to haunt Craig y Nos.

Tenby: Fairies, witches, and ghosts are said to live in the region.

Northern Ireland, 5.

Time: 2 days and 121 kilometers.

Before seeing the Giant’s Ring, close to Belfast, you will start your tour in Donaghadee at Grace Neill’s, which is reputed to be the oldest tavern in Ireland. The Crumlin Road Gaol, which is also in Belfast, is reputed to be the most spooky place in all of Northern Ireland. The tour then continues to Ballygally Castle, Ossian’s Grave, and finally Springhill House, which is the last stop.

eerie sightings

The oldest bar in Ireland, Grace Neill’s Pub, is said to be haunted by the ghost of Grace.

An old holy site called The Giant’s Ring is rumored to occasionally encounter odd, unnatural mists.

Old Crumlin Road Gaol, the most eerie location in Northern Ireland.

Ballygally Castle: A haunted house.

Ossian is rumored to be ready to rise from his grave, an old burial place.

Springhill House: The previous owner haunts the property.

South England 6.

Time: 2 to 3 days and 233 miles.

Before travelling to London to see The Tower of London, your adventure will begin in the Kent village of Pluckley. Then, before visiting Hampton Court Palace, travel across the metropolis to All Saints Church in Fulham. Before arriving at Dunster Castle, your next stop is Stonehenge.

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