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For the celebration of Saudi National Day, AZIMUTH returns to AlUla

For the celebration of Saudi National Day, AZIMUTH returns to AlUla

In celebration of the nation’s National Day this year, the well-known music and entertainment extravaganza AZIMUTH is scheduled to make a triumphant comeback to the gorgeous oasis city of AlUla in Saudi Arabia. The third iteration of the musical festival, which is eagerly anticipated, will take place in AlUla, a city renowned for its remarkable fusion of natural and cultural heritage, on September 21 and 22.

In due course, the full programme for this two-day extravaganza—featuring a combination of international superstars and outstanding local talent—will be revealed. The third edition of AZIMUTH promises an extraordinary weekend to focus on Saudi National Day, and attendees can anticipate nothing less than an explosive environment, thrilling live performances, and awe-inspiring art installations.

Building on its prior successes, AZIMUTH is still dedicated to supporting and developing the Saudi entertainment sector. The festival not only turns the picturesque desert into an immersive stage but also aims to promote up-and-coming Saudi musicians and strengthen the region’s thriving music sector.

With breathtaking nightly performances by well-known international icons like Jason Derulo, DJ Snake, and Damian Lazarus, AZIMUTH enthralled spectators in 2022. In addition, the event featured well-known local artists including Vinyl Mode, Kayan, Dish Dash, and Solskin. These artists delivered an unparalleled combination of Eastern and Western melodies and inspirations through vivacious performances and breathtaking large-scale art works.

A diverse spectrum of emotions will be evoked in attendance at AZIMUTH by the compelling variety of musical styles that will be played, from pounding techno to upbeat melodies and soothing tunes. This musical variety not only enhances the appeal of the event but also honours the wide range of cultures for which AlUla has long been known. It is evidence of the seamless blending of music, culture, and the alluring spirit of AlUla.

Visitors to AZIMUTH will have the chance to discover the mesmerising sites in AlUla, including Hegra, Elephant Rock, the Old Town village of AlUla, as well as its thriving surrounding communities of AlJadidah Arts District and AlUla Oasis. A wide range of thrilling outdoor activities, including ziplining, rock climbing, dune buggy tours, enormous swings, mountain stairways, and more, will tempt thrill-seekers.

The AZIMUTH music festival serves as the official relaunch of the AlUla Moments calendar, a series of flagship festivals and major events that will soon be announced for the remaining months of 2023 and 2024.

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