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Government Requested To Review Request For Additional Flights From Qatar Airways

Government Requested To Review Request For Additional Flights From Qatar Airways

One of the suggestions made by the coalition-led investigation’s findings, which were made public on Monday afternoon, was for Transport Minister Catherine King to “immediately” review her judgment about Qatar Airways.

Senator Bridget McKenzie of the Nationals has called for a prolongation of the investigation into the absence of former Qantas CEO Alan Joyce because of his vacation abroad.

Labour Party senators issued a dissenting report in which they rejected the criticism they had received and criticized the coalition’s findings as “inaccurate,” “obviously biased,” and “lacked regard for the complexity of the issue at hand.”

However, the committee failed to “make a meaningful contribution to the public debate” and instead “descended quite quickly into political antics.”

Investigations were being conducted into Qantas’ participation in the decision to cancel the extra flights.

The coalition has hinted that it may call Mr. Joyce to testify upon his return to the nation, threatening to worsen the situation and possibly arrest him if he refuses.

The aviation industry must be safeguarded while it recovers from COVID, according to Ms. King, who also cited the need to reduce emissions.

Five Australian women were subjected to invasive gynecological examinations at Doha’s international airport in 2020, which she referred to as “a factor” in her argument.

During his testimony, Qantas’s chairman Richard Goyder insisted that the company’s key shareholders supported him.

But because the airline needs new executives, the Australian Shareholders Association has repeatedly called for his departure.

The Victorian government had earlier estimated that the addition of a second daily flight from Doha to Melbourne would result in the creation of 900 new employment; however, Qatar Airways estimates that the extra flights will help Australia’s economy by $3 billion.

Next week, the Senate committee’s report on the nation’s bilateral air rights is anticipated to be released.

Source- Travel daily

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