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Top four locations in Asia to view the splendor of autumn

Top four locations in Asia to view the splendor of autumn

We’re about to experience one of the year’s most fascinating shifts. Endless hues of red, orange, and yellow accompany the change from summer to autumn, dramatically altering the landscape. This seasonal splendor is so motivating, in fact, that a great number of locations, works of art, and events may undoubtedly be said to capture the spirit of Fall itself. Given that prominent places and landmarks (44%) and magnificent landscape (56%) are both top priorities for Hong Kong tourists, In addition to providing the greatest sustainable lodging alternatives, is thrilled to share 4 travel suggestions with you for the best ways to explore the autumnal splendor of Asia.

Kyoto Mercure Station

Due to the harmonization of traditional Japanese architecture with its seasonal hues, Kyoto, which is most well-known for its cherry blossoms in the spring, also has a spectacular display of autumn leaves. The Mercure Kyoto Station is a popular lodging option because of its excellent location, which makes it easy to walk to nearby sites including temples and shrines. The hotel is conveniently located 8 minutes’ walk from Kyoto Station. Inside, the opulent and cutting-edge architecture and design instantly put you at ease.

The famed Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine and Tofuku-ji Temple are two must-see attractions in Kyoto. Try on a traditional Kimono for pictures or go on a self-guided audio walking tour for a taste of the local culture! Along with seeing several temples, you should also visit The Kyoto Gyoen (Imperial Palace Park) to take in the scenery. Take a Guided Evening Tour of the city at night to really immerse yourself in the culture. Mid-November through mid-December are the greatest times to visit Kyoto to witness the red hues in all their splendor.

Gangnam’s Ananti

Stay at Ananti at Gangnam, a hotel in the center of Seoul that is renowned for its elegant and sophisticated architecture with lofty arches, rounded edges, and private balconies for each room. It has both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, which are great for days when the weather is unpredictable, as well as a sizable gym and sauna that visitors can use. The hotel offers a special 10% discount to members of Genius,’s loyalty program, as a dependable lodging partner. Due to its central location, it is also simple to take day trips to numerous sites outside of central Seoul to enjoy the natural beauty that South Korea’s countryside has to offer.

A moon-shaped river island called Namiseom, often known as Nami Island, is situated in Chuncheon, South Korea. In addition to being a well-known location for K-drama production, the island is renowned for its autumnal colors when the time comes. The middle pathway of the island is lined with ginkgo trees, which together form a golden tunnel, making it a popular destination for travelers, particularly those looking to take a memorable snapshot. To enjoy the finest of both the city and the countryside, visitors may easily take a day trip from Seoul by renting a car through Alternatively, they can join a tour to visit other distinctive destinations, such as the island, on the same day.  The best time to see the autumnal foliage in South Korea is from mid-September to late-October.

Meritel Vietnam   

The well-known Old Quarter Streets, which are home to numerous historic sites including pagodas and temples, are renowned for their distinctive appearance that dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The architecture of old Hanoi has been conserved, and Meritel Hanoi has given it a contemporary makeover so that visitors can indulge in a luxurious stay. The hotel has been recognized for its dedication to sustainability with a level 3 Travel Sustainable Badge from

Hanoi’s autumn is distinguished by its chilly temperatures and picturesque surroundings. The ideal location to take in the scenery is Hoan Kiem lake, which is close to the hotel. Hoa Sa, also known as milk flowers, adorn the streets during this time, giving Hanoi a landscape of crimson and gold. Why not take a guided city tour or street food tour to fully experience Hanoi’s splendor and learn about its rich history from a local guide? You may even hire a traditional Ao Dai for the day for an authentic experience and stunning images. From mid-September to late-October is the greatest time to visit Hanoi to see the fall foliage.

District of the West, Green Hotel 

Green Hotel – West District upholds the idea of eco-friendly and boasts the best clean and green way of living. The glass rooftop of the main atrium provides natural lighting, and the guest card can be used as a cardholder, postcard, or even a bookmark to promote waste reduction. Their amenities ensure a comfortable and environmentally friendly stay in the city while also offering a perfect location from which to explore the neighboring green spaces like Park Lane Taichung and Calligraphy Greenway.

Nantou County is the perfect place to visit if you want a peaceful getaway outside of the city to view Taiwan’s famed crimson and orange autumn beauty. Qingjing Farm is renowned for its mountain views and variety of activities appropriate for all ages, making it one of the top destinations to visit. Feed the local sheep while you explore the farm and get a taste of farm life, or go to the hawker market next to its south gate for a variety of Yunan and local foods and snacks. The Qingjing Skywalk, a 1.68km sky bridge that offers a breathtaking view of the Nantou mountains, Lushan hot spring Village, and Qingjing’s grasslands, is the main attraction and method for viewing Qingjing’s Autumn colors, nevertheless. While others choose to remain close by,’s car rental service makes it easy to take day trips from nearby Taichung city and gives 10% off through its Genius program with various car rentals. Taiwan’s autumnal splendor can be seen from mid-September through early-November.

Source- Travel daily

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