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Guest experiences at the Turtle Rehabilitation Programme are now available at a Great Barrier Reef island resort

As part of a new citizen science initiative, Fitzroy Island Resort in Australia is giving visitors the chance to assist in monitoring the Great Barrier Reef and caring for injured turtles. 

The resort, which is in Tropical North Queensland, is the first to let visitors participate in hands-on activities at the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre (CTRC), where they will aid with coral restoration efforts and provide care for sea turtles.

Six of the seven marine turtle species in the world can be found in the Great Barrier Reef. The CTRC treats any wounded patients, many of which have floating syndrome as a result of human activity, such as nylon wrapping or microplastic ingestion.

The Fitzroy Island Resort is regarded as a pioneer in the field of coral reef conservation. The full-day event includes attentive participation in the coral nursery project, which is fostering reef coral restoration.

In comparison to the reef, corals in nurseries develop much more quickly. To rebuild damaged portions of the reef and increase resilience, cuttings are removed from each of the growing corals after 6–12 months in a nursery. The initial corals continue to grow in the nurseries, making the cycle permanent.

Source- Travel daily

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