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Memorandum of Understanding signed by TUI, TUI Care Foundation, and the government of Cape Verde

Memorandum of Understanding signed by TUI, TUI Care Foundation, and the government of Cape Verde

A Memorandum of Understanding titled “Tourism for Development” was signed by the Government of Cape Verde, TUI Group, and TUI Care Foundation to further their collaboration on a range of sustainability-related issues. Their shared objective is to increase the positive impact of tourism on the islands. The agreement identifies the main strategic areas of concentration that the three signatories want to pursue together. The Memorandum was signed by Thomas Ellerbeck, Chairman of the Board of the TUI Care Foundation, Sebastian Ebel, CEO of TUI Group, and Minister for Tourism and Transport Carlos Jorge Duarte Santos. On the Sal island, the Government and TUI had a two-day work meeting during which the signing took place.

The partners have decided to capitalise on and further enhance Cape Verde’s enormous tourism potential. They will collaborate closely and keep funding the growth of tourism in order to accomplish this. Their shared objective is to create a more diverse and sustainable tourism industry for the archipelago that will benefit the local populations on both an economic and social level. The agreement covers 18 sectors, with a special emphasis on generating local added value, protecting the environment, forming innovative collaborations, and enhancing the Cape Verdean tourism offering. To promote energy independence and decarbonize the industry on the islands, the signatories will be especially ambitious in analysing and increasing the production and use of renewable energies including solar, wind, and hydrogen power. Below is a summary of the 18 topics addressed under the MoU.

The main economic engine of Cape Verde in recent years has been tourism. The nation was able to create a successful tourism industry in less than 20 years. For many years, TUI and Cape Verde have been close collaborators. TUI was a vital partner in the growth of Cape Verde’s tourism sector and actively encouraged it. More than 10,000 bedrooms are available to visitors at TUI’s portfolio of eight hotels on the islands of Sal and Boa Vista that feature well-known brands like RIU, Robinson, or TUI BLUE. TUI is also by far the largest airline provider in the nation, operating all year long and providing approximately 2,000 flights annually. Each winter season, TUI cruise ships make port calls at Cape Verde.

The TUI Care Foundation also has Cape Verde as a priority destination. Since its founding in 2016, the independent foundation has been working on the archipelago. For young people in particular, a self-determined future depends on education in school and work training. The foundation gives young people new living possibilities with the TUI Academy on Sal. With its activities, it also promotes regional agriculture, which is difficult given the climatic circumstances in the area. The TUI Field to Fork programme supported the local production of fruit and vegetables by using innovative techniques. The organisation has long been involved in the protection of the islands’ threatened turtle populations. The Foundation has big aspirations to expand its portfolio in Cape Verde, with an emphasis on helping small and medium-sized businesses have an impact and safeguarding the region’s history and culture. In the upcoming months, more initiatives will be launched.

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