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MoneySmart Survey of Singaporean Travellers Identifies Airlines with the Most Delays and Cancellations

MoneySmart Survey of Singaporean Travellers Identifies Airlines with the Most Delays and Cancellations

MoneySmart, a prominent personal finance website, has released new research that identifies the top airlines in Singapore for flight delays and cancellations. Although air travel is notoriously tumultuous, the number of flight delays has increased significantly in recent years. The number of Singaporeans seeking online for ‘travel insurance claim’ has increased by 401%1 in the past year.

MoneySmart surveyed over 1,700 Singaporeans who flew within the past 12 months (May 2022-23) to determine the 12 airlines with the most flight delays and cancellations, according to Sinaporean passengers.

Air India headed the list, with nearly four in five (78%) of its customers reporting a flight delay and seven in ten (71%) reporting a flight cancellation. MoneySmart reveals the airlines with which Singaporean travellers have had the most disruptions and how this has affected their travel experiences.

The airlines with the greatest number of flight delays, as reported by survey participants. Air India emerged as the airline with the maximum number of delays, as reported by nearly four out of five (78%) survey respondents who had flown with them:

Air China ranked second, with 70% of respondents reporting a flight delay. Cebu Pacific Air followed closely behind in third place, with 69% of respondents experiencing flight delays. The national carrier, Singapore Airlines, was reported to have caused delays for nearly 40% of respondents who flew with them in the past year. In terms of documented delays, however, they ranked ninth out of the top 12 airlines. 1 to 3 hours was the most common delay duration reported by survey respondents, accounting for 40% of responses. Nearly two-fifths (38%) of travellers reported experiencing 4+ hour delays.

The airlines with the greatest number of flight cancellations, as reported by survey participants. 71% of survey respondents who had flown with Air India reported experiencing a flight cancellation, excluding cancellations caused by COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Cebu Pacific Air followed, with 65% of passengers who had flown with them reporting a flight cancellation. More than two-thirds (64%) of respondents indicated that Air China had cancelled flights. The survey reveals that the most common wait time for a replacement flight was 1 to 3 hours (27% of respondents).

Compensation for disruption

When it comes to compensation for disrupted air travel, the survey findings shed light on the following key insights:

Compensation for delayed flights

  • On average, 42% of respondents who had experienced delays reported notreceiving direct compensation from the airline.
  • Scoot, the low-cost airline owned by the Singapore Airlines group, compensated only around 23% of the surveyed respondents who experienced delays. This places Scoot as the airline least likely to provide compensationfor flight delays, leaving 77% of the affected passengers to bear the financial cost.

Compensation for cancelled flights

  • 32% reported notreceiving direct compensation from the airline for cancelled flights.
  • However, survey responses indicated that Air India – the airline with the highest rate of both delays and cancellations – was least likely to compensatefor flight cancellations, with 43% of passengers receiving some.
    According to respondents who experienced disruptions, the result of flight delays and cancellations has appeared to have a

longer-term impact on travel behaviours

  • 65% now always pre-arrange travel insurance to safeguard against travel disruptions, emphasising the growing recognition of its importance.
  • 62% found their experience to be stressful, substantiating the emotional toll such incidents can have on travellers.
  • 58% now frequently worry.

Source: traveldailymedia

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