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One of Emirates' busiest summers ever

One of Emirates’ busiest summers ever

The busiest summer ever for Emirates, the biggest international airline in the world, saw over 14 million passengers travel on its network worldwide between June and August, with average seat load factors over 80%.

Emirates’ booking patterns for the upcoming months indicate that demand for foreign travel throughout its network will remain strong. Travelers continued to flock to Dubai even throughout the summer, with two million people visiting the airline’s base to take advantage of the city’s year-round attractions and events. During this time, the UK, India, Germany, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt, and Kuwait were among Emirates’ top inbound markets to Dubai. Families made up more than 35% of those traveling on Emirates to Dubai, where they spent an average of more than two weeks taking in all the amazing sights.

The airline forecasts a further increase in demand for travel to Dubai this winter due to the city’s busy calendar of international conferences, top-tier sporting events, and other activities. In the first half of 2023, the city has already welcomed over 8.5 million foreign tourists, which is over a million more than at the same period last year.

“Travel demand across our network has been strong and resilient despite rising cost-of-living pressures in many markets,” said Adnan Kazim, Emirates’ Chief Commercial Officer. It demonstrates the importance that individuals have on travel, whether it be for leisure, business, education, or visiting family, as well as how vital international aviation connection is to societies.

“As an early mover in restoring our flying schedules, Emirates worked together with our industry partners to ensure that we were ready to both meet customer demand and draw tourists by leveraging the allure of our home and hub, Dubai. We are pleased that our product enjoys significant consumer preference across all cabin classes, but particularly in our luxury accommodations. Emirates will keep making investments in our goods, services, and running a productive worldwide network to make sure we are providing the best value for our customers’ money.

Over 14 million passengers were transported on Emirates’ nearly 50,000 flights between 140 locations from June to August.

Emirates offers travelers convenient and expanded access to over 800 cities in 100 countries in addition to its own global network thanks to its 157 airline and train partners.

  • Dubai this summer:

launched regular flights to Montreal, Canada, a new location in its network. added extra flights to 12 cities, including Athens, Brisbane, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Amsterdam, Budapest, Bologna, Medina, Jeddah, Entebbe, Venice, and Shanghai, to meet summer demand. restored daily A380 service to Shanghai, Birmingham, Nice, Taipei, and launched a new A380 route to Bali, the first of its type in Indonesia.
offered Premium Economy seats to Singapore, Los Angeles, and Houston on its newest four-class A380 aircraft. announced extended codeshare agreements and new interline agreements with Philippine Airlines, Kenya Airways, and Air Canada.

Source- Travel daily

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