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Only 90 minutes from London to New York? NASA's unique supersonic aircraft will shorten travel times: Report

Only 90 minutes from London to New York? NASA’s unique supersonic aircraft will shorten travel times: Report

A supersonic aircraft that NASA is developing could cut the time it takes to fly from London to New York to only 90 minutes. The X-59s would move at speeds ranging from Mach 2 to Mach 4 (1,535-3,045 mph), as part of NASA’s Quesst program.

Soon, the eight-hour flight time from London to New York will just take 90 minutes. According to a report by CNN Travel, NASA, the US space agency, has acknowledged the existence of a “high-speed strategy” that will cut the time between flights from New York and London to as low as 90 minutes.

As part of its Quesst program, NASA is building a supersonic aircraft known as the X-59s. Nasa is looking into the prospect of developing a commercially feasible and cost-effective supersonic jet that would fly between Mach 2 and Mach 4 (1,535-3,045 mph), faster than the current average speed of passenger planes, which is 600 mph.

NASA recently investigated whether future commercial flights could reach speeds of up to Mach 4, or more than 3,000 miles per hour.

According to a research by NASA’s Glenn Research Center, “potential passenger markets… are located along about 50 established routes.” Since countries like the US forbid overland supersonic travel, such routes include transoceanic ones. Due to noise pollution, the US and other nations have outlawed flying supersonic aircraft over land. However, NASA is attempting to modify the laws governing overland supersonic flight by completing two significant objectives.


After the studies, NASA’s Advanced Air Vehicles Program (AAV) will proceed to the following stage of its high-speed study.

In order to lower the volume of a supersonic jet’s sonic boom, NASA is developing the X-59 supersonic aircraft as part of the Quesst project. They then seek to persuade for the modification of overland supersonic flying regulations.

The space agency will hire businesses to create concepts and bring Mach 2-plus travel to life. The research team will be split into two sections, with Northrop Grumman Aeronautics Systems leading one and Boeing leading the other.

The second phase will also take into account “safety, efficiency, economic and societal considerations,” NASA’s Hypersonic Technology Project manager Mary Jo Long-Davis told CNN Travel.
Source- Livermint

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