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Sentec PMS: Introducing Archipelago to the cutting-edge era of hospitality technology.

Sentec PMS: Introducing Archipelago to the cutting-edge era of hospitality technology.

The largest hotel chain in Southeast Asia, Archipelago International, spent years trying different property management systems but remained unsatisfied with any of them since they were constantly met with solutions that weren’t enough. For more than ten years, the storyline within the organisation was the ongoing quest for an appropriate PMS.

The hospitality sector is nothing if not difficult and dynamic, which is why we are in this predicament. There are many technologies that offer to modernise and streamline operations, but few of them actually resonate with the depth of needs of the hotel. This discrepancy is frequently caused by the fact that many of these solutions are developed by organisations and teams that are cut off from the realities of the hospitality sector.

Sentinel Tech, a group of technologists with substantial experience in the hotel business, stepped up to fill this important vacuum in the market. With deep knowledge of the issues facing the sector, they created Sentec PMS, a system that aims to address the particular problems faced by hoteliers.

Sentec PMS stands out in the crowded PMS market in part because to its cloud-native, entirely web-based architecture, and auto-healing mechanism. It strengthens the convenience of web-based solutions—a key area where many PMSs fall short—with dependable, robust security and performance. The system is created to properly take advantage of the cloud’s extensive capabilities, going beyond simply being online.

Sentec PMS also offers a novel approach to pricing, moving away from feature-based pricing and towards a usage-based strategy that is influenced by the cloud. This innovative method makes it possible for costs to correspond to the hotel’s revenue flow, resulting in a more adaptable, hospitable financial framework.

Sentec PMS has a number of noteworthy features, such as:

100% online and cloud-native: No hardware or software installations are required, making it simple to view hotel data from any device with a web browser from anywhere.

No upfront money required: eliminates the typical significant upfront expenditure that most PMS demand.

All-In-One Approach: All-in-one front office, point of sale, and finance.

dependable and self-healing The system instantly replicates hotel data among three different data centres. This ensures that hotel data is secure and that the PMS is always functional.

Shared Prosperity: Sentec PMS’s pricing structure adjusts to the monthly performance of your hotel, resulting in lower costs during slumps in business.

Sentec PMS takes pride in its flexibility, providing individualised solutions to fit each hotel’s demands as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach.

This PMS is made to be adaptable so that it can serve establishments of different sizes. Sentec PMS wants to be the flexible but dependable cornerstone on which hotels can peek over their competitors, from small independent hotels to huge multi-country chains like Archipelago International.

After an extensive search and having sampled numerous systems, Archipelago International’s choice of Sentec PMS is a testament to its functionality, reliability, and effectiveness. To learn more about how this revolutionary solution can help your establishment, reach out to to schedule a demo today.

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