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Solomon Islands lifts COVID entry requirements

Solomon Islands lifts COVID entry requirements

Dereveke: “Exhibits a dedication to promoting tourism and emphasises confidence in having successfully handled the COVID-19 situation.”

Solomon Islands, Honiara – The Solomon Islands has immediately removed all COVID-19-related regulations, thus visitors are no longer required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccine or COVID-19 test.

The health declaration card, which will be made available on the incoming aircraft or at the point of entry into the destination, must still be filled out by passengers arriving at the destination.

The decision by the Ministry of Health & Medical Services (MHMS) would greatly increase the attraction of the Solomon Islands to tourists who may have been turned off by earlier limitations, according to Tourism Solomons CEO (acting), Dagnal Dereveke.

The decision to remove the COVID-related entry criteria “highlights our confidence in having managed the COVID-19 situation effectively, demonstrates our commitment to facilitating tourism, and showcases the Solomon Islands as a welcoming and traveler-friendly destination,” Mr. Dereveke said.

But he said that the location will not be lowering its protection.

“Tourism Solomons worked closely with the Ministry of Culture & Tourism (MCT) to proactively promote safety and service excellence across the tourism sector during the pandemic, which saw the Solomon Islands close its border for more than 800 days,” he added.

This required establishing health and safety policies, fostering hygiene in facilities, upholding cleanliness, monitoring operations, and educating our population.

Our first priority right now is to keep educating the people working in the local tourist business so they can provide a safe, healthy environment and experiences for our guests.

Given that hundreds of athletes, support personnel, and spectators would be staying in the Solomon Islands to participate in the 2023 Pacific Games in November, Mr. Dereveke said the timing of the MHMS announcement was even more pertinent.

Source: traveldailynews

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