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Traveloka launches International Travel Fair to boost Thailand’s ongoing global tourism revival

Traveloka launches International Travel Fair to boost Thailand’s ongoing global tourism revival

With amazing prices giving up to 99% off on end-to-end travel items, the Traveloka foreign Travel Fair offers the widest selection of foreign travel options.

Thailand – By hosting Traveloka International Travel Fair 2023, Traveloka, Southeast Asia’s top travel platform, demonstrates its continued commitment to Thailand’s continuous tourist resurgence and booming international travel. Traveloka reiterates its commitment to supporting the global tourist industry by providing a variety of travel packages, riding the wave of border barriers being removed in most nations. This includes bargains on travel, lodging, and lifestyle items that are offered at up to 99% off through foreign partners.

International travel has increased significantly, according to Traveloka. In Thailand, searches for overseas travel and lodging increased by 200 percent during the first quarter of 2023 compared to the same time in 2018. The Thai outbound market climbed to a three-year high in December 2022, according to growth data from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

Thailand’s residents continue to favour popular Asian locations including Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and in especially, Japan. As outbound tourism is rebounding, the Thai go Services Association (TTSA) predicted that up to 1 million Thais may go to Japan this year. According to the TTSA, the overall number of visitors leaving the country might be between 6 and 7 million, or around 70% of pre-pandemic levels.

The CEO of Transport at Traveloka, Iko Putera, stated, “To serve our users in Thailand, Traveloka continues to embrace chances to remain ahead of the curve by responding to changing traveller behaviour with consumer-centric solutions while also positively impacting the tourist sector. The International Travel Fair is a component of the company’s dedication to promoting international travel while giving our clients ease when organising and achieving their travel goals, particularly for foreign travel.

“Last year’s overseas Travel Fair in Thailand witnessed a nearly sixfold rise in transactions involving overseas flights, showing that it raised client demand while assisting our business partners. We continue to be optimistic about international travel and think that the fair’s discounts and special offers will help to drive up demand. In addition to our commitment to restoring Thailand’s tourist sector, the International Travel Fair is anticipated to generate income for our esteemed business partners, Iko continued.

The app’s frequent user and Brand Ambassador for Traveloka Thailand and Vietnam, Baifern Pimchanok, concurred that the International Travel Fair will fuel Thailand’s tourist resurgence. I enjoy visiting new places, and I usually use the Traveloka app to arrange my vacation since it makes the process quick and easy. Along with information on the places I prefer to travel, it consistently gives a variety of affordable bargains on flights, lodging, and activities. I’m hoping that shoppers may find fantastic offers at Traveloka’s International Travel Fair to quench their wanderlust.

This year’s Traveloka International Travel Fair, which is set for 29 May to 2 June 2023, will also include offline pre-promotional activities for the first time, including a pop-up booth at EMQuartier (A Space, third floor) on 23 May 2023 where participants can obtain additional discount coupons. In addition to highlighting its lifestyle offers under its ‘Xperience’ product, Traveloka International Travel Fair is giving exceptional discounts on tourist sites, activities, excursions, international data plans, beauty and spa items, and other travel-related services and products.

  • Traveloka strengthens its travel goods with top-notch features that make it easier for clients to plan their trips while also providing exceptional bargains to customers. These qualities consist of:
  • Student travellers may take use of the Flights – Student Tickets option to receive the best deal with extra perks like early seat selection, additional luggage allowance, meals, and travel insurance.
  • Hotels – Pay Upon Check-In allows customers to pay at the time of check-in while also guaranteeing stays, making refunds simple, and making rescheduling simple.

Customers can easily schedule appointments, get refunds for top-quality beauty and spa goods, and much more with Xperience.

Simply download the Traveloka app or update to the most recent version, go to the International Travel Fair area on the site, and take advantage of savings on both domestic and international travel to get further perks.

Source: traveldailynews

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