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The Batumi and World Travel Awards have released the 2023 Europe Gala Ceremony schedule.

The Batumi and World Travel Awards have released the 2023 Europe Gala Ceremony schedule.

World Travel Awards (WTA) and Batumi, Georgia, Europe’s newest tourist destination, have released information on the historic 30th anniversary Europe Gala Ceremony in 2023. The eminent representatives of the travel industry from around the continent will spend three days in the picturesque city, with the red-carpet banquet reception taking place on September 29.

Winners of the 2023 World Travel Awards will have the opportunity to see the most fascinating rising city destination in Europe thanks to the complimentary business and social itinerary. A VIP invitation to the Batumi International Travel Forum, a fine welcome supper and music, and a variety of outstanding sightseeing excursions are just a few of the highlights.

The capital of the autonomous Ajara region, Batumi, is situated on the Black Sea coast and has an exceptional all-season climate with the spectacular snow-capped Ajara Mountains serving as a backdrop.

There are several flights from airports throughout Europe to Batumi and nearby travel hubs. All visitors will receive a unique WTA fast-track gate upon arrival and free round-trip airport transportation from the primary international airports in Georgia. All WTA champions can take advantage of special pricing at five upscale partner hotels. One-third off the going rate for single rooms with breakfast is US$100 per night (US$120 for doubles). For information on travel and lodging, see to the WTA website.

The founder of WTA, Graham Cooke, argues that Batumi is one of the industry’s rising stars and that everyone should travel there. Our WTA winners will have a fantastic opportunity to explore this great city and all it has to offer thanks to the three-day schedule. I’m thrilled that Batumi will play a significant role in our unique 30th anniversary Grand Tour. I’m looking forward to attending what promises to be a historic occasion that will live long in everyone’s mind with the most senior figures in the travel business from around Europe.

The 30th anniversary of the World Travel Awards Europe Gala Ceremony will be held in Batumi, Georgia, according to Tornike Rijvadze, Chairman of the Government of the Ajara Autonomous Republic. It is an honor to host tourism industry leaders from around the world. We are happy to extend the very best of Georgian hospitality to you and are honored to have you here with us as we work to create a better future for our tourism industry.

schedule World Travel Awards and Visit Batumi have planned a fun-filled, complimentary social, professional, and sightseeing schedule just for WTA 2023 winners. Every item on the menu is complimentary and optional.

VIP invitation to the Batumi International Tourism Forum with lunchtime networking on September 28 from 10:00 to 15:00.
chosen sightseeing tour from 16:00 to 19:00.
Option 1: a tour of Batumi.
Option 2: Petra Fortress and the Botanical Garden of Batumi.
20:00 Fine a musical performance and welcome dinner.

November 29th, 11:00–16:00 Both of your preferred sightseeing tours include a free lunch.
First choice: Gonio Fortress.
Option 2: Petra Fortress and the Botanical Garden of Batumi.
WTA Europe Gala 2023 at 19:00!

November 30th, 11:00–17:00 preferred sightseeing tour.
Option 1: A wine tour that also includes traditional Georgian food.
Option 2: A tour of Mtirala National Park while hiking.

Tour Options
Visit the impressive Alphabet Tower, stroll down the verdant Batumi Boulevard, and take in the views of the Black Sea on the Batumi City Tour. Explore this memorable seaside jewel to find the ideal fusion of modernity and Georgian hospitality.

Find out more about the lovely Batumi Botanical Garden. It offers a wonderful array of flora from all over the world throughout its 111 hectares. Explore themed areas while taking in the expansive vistas of the Black Sea.

Visit the old Petra Fortress in Batumi, which has a view of the Black Sea. This archaeological wonder, which dates to the Roman era, offers panoramic views and a trip through time. Discover ancient mysteries while admiring the beauty of the seaside.

Gonio Fortress: Visit the historical Gonio Fortress, which is close to Batumi. This fortification, which has ancient origins, displays Roman and Byzantine influences. Discover its fascinating past, enjoy the views of the ocean, and speculate about the events that took place within its walls.

Wine Tour: Visit the Ajarian Wine House in Georgia to start an exciting wine tour. Discover the rich history of Georgian agriculture as you meander through scenic vineyards and learn the craft of Qvevri winemaking.

Entertain yourself with an amazing hiking excursion in Georgia’s Mtirala National Park. Trek through luxuriant forests, see a variety of wildlife, and take in the refreshing mountain air. From the trails, uncover secret waterfalls and take in breathtaking panoramic views.
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