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The fleet of Havila Voyages is completed by Havila Pollux.

The fleet of Havila Voyages is completed by Havila Pollux

Havila Pollux, the final vessel in the Havila Voyages fleet, arrived in Norway early on Thursday morning from the Tersan shipyard in Turkey. A short while later, she anchored next to Havila Polaris, her sister ship.

Havila Pollux arrived at Bergen early on Thursday morning, just over a day after her sister ship Havila Polaris. Up to August 23rd, the ship will stay at Festningskaien in Bergen before departing on a voyage along the Norwegian coast.

Naturally, this is a new milestone for our business, and having all four of our vessels in Norway is incredibly fulfilling, according to CEO Bent Martini.

It is amazing to see our two newest ships side by side in Bergen, and sailors from both ships as well as several resources from our onshore organization are actively working to get them ready for use in coastal operations.

The Havila Pollux is remarkably identical to her sister ships, and beginning on August 23rd, she will make sure that the ancient coastal route is finished.

The Ministry of Transport, our contracting authority, thankfully helped us throughout a difficult process and showed excellent awareness of the difficulties we had, which unluckily led to considerable delays. We appreciate your assistance, says Martini.

“We also want to thank everyone who has supported us, been incredibly patient with us, and most importantly, understood that our difficulties were beyond of our hands. The real job now begins; we will produce an amazing product along the coast, for the coastal villages and all of our visitors,” Martini says.

Source- Travel daily

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