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The ITB China 2023 event showcases a significant number of business engagements, exceeding 17,000.

The ITB China 2023 event showcases a significant number of business engagements, exceeding 17,000.

The fourth edition of ITB China has concluded its 2023 event, showcasing notable accomplishments in terms of business meetings and dialogues between Chinese and international participants. The event witnessed the enthusiastic involvement of almost 10,000 participants in total. Among them were over 700 prominent Buyers and 360 exhibitors from nearly 60 countries. This facilitated a vibrant exchange of knowledge and fostered the development of significant contacts. This statement highlights the growing prominence of China in terms of outbound travel and further establishes ITB China as the leading business-to-business travel trade exhibition in the country. The upcoming ITB China 2024 has been slated to take place from 27th to 29th May at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.

Based on recent findings from the ITB China conference, there is a discernible upward trend in the desire for outbound travel, which bodes well for the industry’s future prospects and anticipated growth in the forthcoming year. After a span of three years, ITB China serves as a platform for global convergence once again. The timing of the event in September is particularly advantageous, given the current state of the Chinese travel sector, which is poised for a promising future. The current year’s event was characterized by a palpable sense of enthusiasm due to the resumption of face-to-face gatherings. According to David Axiotis, General Manager of Messe Berlin (Shanghai), there was a palpable sense of excitement for the upcoming months as individuals actively participated in many discussions and business meetings to rebuild relationships.

The commencement of the event, characterized by the Grand Opening Dinner and the CEO Seminar, established the overall atmosphere for this year’s prominent gathering.

The CEO Seminar, a notable event at ITB China this year, witnessed the participation of approximately 20 high-ranking executives from prominent outbound and inbound travel companies in China. The seminar facilitated an engaging dialogue on the topic of “The Influence of Global Relations and the Economic Climate on China’s Inbound and Outbound Tourism Market.” The extensive conversation offered valuable strategic insights that are essential for defining the trajectory of the travel industry. The opportunity to engage with a multitude of high-ranking industry leaders after a span of three years elicits profound satisfaction and carries substantial importance. We participated in a productive discussion regarding the prospects and obstacles involved in the recuperation of China’s outbound and inbound tourist industry. He Yong, President of HCG International Travel Group, emphasized the significant role that platforms such as ITB China play in facilitating rapid connections between local tourism enterprises and international partners, hence expanding their commercial opportunities.

The Grand Opening Dinner, which was attended by a total of 450 prominent guests, established the atmosphere for the noteworthy event profile that took place on the evening preceding the trade show. The event was enhanced by the presence of distinguished speakers such as David Ruetz, who holds the position of Senior Vice President at Messe Berlin, ShiJun Liu, who serves as the Secretary General of the World Tourism Alliance (WTA), and Alhasan Aldabbagh, who holds the esteemed position of President – APAC Markets at the Saudi Tourism Authority. These individuals contributed their invaluable perspectives and knowledge to the proceedings.

Efficient Business Collaborations and Favorable Responses from both Purchasers and Participants
A total of 360 exhibitors and 700 prominent buyers participated in a comprehensive set of 17,358 meetings, which proved to be highly successful and productive in facilitating the establishment of partnerships and collaborations. Mr. Wizani Rosmin, the Director of Tourism Malaysia Shanghai, conveyed his admiration, stating, “I am thoroughly impressed.” In the tourism sector, interpersonal interaction holds paramount significance since it revolves around the principles of hospitality. This initial phase presents a favorable opportunity for the buyer and seller to collaborate and generate novel commercial prospects. The Chief Executive Officer of Jin Jiang International Hotel Management Co., Ltd., Mr. Tyrone Tang, observed that there has been a remarkable level of enthusiasm exhibited by both visitors and exhibitors during the current year. Furthermore, he expressed his satisfaction in having the chance to interact with numerous acquaintances, both new and familiar. The matchmaking technique employed by ITB China proved to be highly efficient in facilitating connections with specific consumers, thereby establishing the event as a commendable platform.

Guo Ming, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of HHtravel, a participant in this year’s event, expressed, “The exhibition encounter has been exceptionally noteworthy, and I can encapsulate it with three fundamental descriptors: Timely, efficient, and convenient.” After the declaration of the third phase of recommencement of outbound group tour services in August, ITB China expeditiously arranged the exhibition event, with each matching meeting being meticulously planned in a sequential manner, so assuring a procedure that was highly efficient. Xu Xiao, the Senior Deputy President of Bravolinks, expressed that this occasion, which has been anxiously awaited by all members of the tourism sector, serves as a vivid testament. As a leading provider in the field of Business Travel and MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions), our organization is strategically positioned to attract a broader clientele to various places across the globe, hence facilitating international business transactions, trade activities, and cultural interactions.

The ITB China Conference offers a platform for the exchange of visionary insights and the exploration of practical strategies.
The ITB China Conference’s ability to provide innovative information and foster interesting discussions has successfully attracted a global audience, thereby solidifying its status as the foremost industry thinktank in China. More than 70 presenters delivered a wide range of presentations on more than 30 subjects, providing attendees with useful insights and information on market trends. The meetings functioned as a central repository of knowledge for all participants, fostering a reciprocal interchange of novel ideas. The ITB China Conference was coordinated in collaboration with TravelDaily, the co-host and partner of ITB China. The CBD Technology Foundation was awarded the esteemed ITB China Startup Award for their exceptional contributions to the travel sector. This recognition symbolizes the intrinsic potential and innovative nature of the startup ecosystem.

The subsequent phase of ITB China Networking commences.
The online networking feature of the ITB China App will continue to be accessible until 31 October. This feature allows participants to enhance their professional network and discover possible business prospects by exchanging e-business cards and engaging in online instant chat with potential partners. Individuals who were unable to attend the sessions have the opportunity to access and evaluate the content online through the ITB China Platform.

Please mark your calendars for the ITB China 2024 event. The ITB China 2024 event has been slated to take place from May 27th to May 29th, marking a return to its initial scheduling in the month of May.

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