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The Most Popular Horror Filming Locations in America, Revealed by Hollywood of Horror

Prepare to go on a spine-tingling cinematic experience this October, Halloween fans and movie lovers! The top Halloween movie sites in the United States have been identified by a thorough investigation carried out by travel insurance comparison website InsureMyTrip. 

This research offers a wide variety of terrifying settings to satisfy all your Halloween movie desires, from the Gothic charm of New Orleans to the gloomy streets of San Bernardino.  

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With an astonishing 104 films set there, Pittsburgh is the #1 Halloween movie location in the United States. Pittsburgh, known for its Gothic architecture and sinister atmosphere, served as the setting for classic movies like “Night of the Living Dead” and “Dawn of the Dead.” 

Baltimore comes in second place, with 94 horror films featuring this city as their setting. Due to its historic appeal and eerie backdrops, this city is a favorite for horror movies like “The Blair Witch Project.” 

After being featured in 93 horror movies, Missouri City, Texas, takes third place. It’s hardly surprising that Missouri City has been featured in terrifying movies like “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” given the city’s mix of urban and suburban surroundings. 

With 89 and 87 pictures, respectively, Tampa, Florida and Dayton, Ohio round out the top five cities featured in horror movies.  

California wins the title of scariest state if you want to limit your horror marathon to just one. establishing itself as the ultimate Halloween movie setting, with a whopping 2484 movies filmed there. Its varied scenery, including the spooky streets of Los Angeles and the unsettling woods of

The Shining, Psycho, and other famous films have all been filmed in Northern California. 

Florida takes third place with 749 films set in the Sunshine State, followed by Texas in second place with 1089 films set within its boundaries.  

Director of Marketing at InsureMyTrip, Sarah Webber, offered the following analysis of the data: 

It’s always fun to go on vacation around Halloween and visit the locations of your favorite horror movies. For fans of scary movies, this study will help them focus their options so they may book a trip early and possibly save money. 

Visit InsureMyTrip for the full study and interactive map to view the entire list of the top Halloween movie destinations by state and learn which city nearby has the right vibe for your spooky movie marathon. 

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