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Acknowledge Achievements

 To Acknowledge Achievements in Revitalizing dry regions, the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU)

At the next Society for Ecological Restoration’s 10th World Conference (SER2023) in Darwin, Australia, the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) will present a selection of its broad environmental regeneration initiatives. RCU’s involvement in the event as a Premium Sponsor will emphasize its growing leadership position in the sustainable protection of natural and cultural landscapes and the restoration of dry, degraded ecosystems, amplifying its transformative initiatives in AlUla.

The significance of this year’s event highlights the legacy of SER’s World Conferences; acting as a hub for professionals and academics, SER events offer crucial channels for information sharing on the most recent developments in restoration science, practice, and policy. RCU’s commitment to AlUla’s total regeneration will be a main highlight of the event, held from September 26 to September 30 in 2023 and marking its first in-person meeting since 2019.

At a critical juncture for biodiversity around the world, RCU is leading responsible and sustainable development as the guardian of AlUla, a territory with a distinctive ecological footprint. It has created spectacular nursery operations that prioritize native flora, such as peregrina and acacia, and more than 11,000 sq. km. of protected areas, covering more than 50% of the territory in AlUla County. RCU hopes to complete at least 65,000 hectares of ecological restoration by 2035.

RCU’s ecological restoration plan has made use of a 100-hectare restoration pilot site within the 1,200 sq km Sharaan Nature Reserve in AlUla. In spite of the hard conditions, RCU has introduced more than 100,000 native seedlings into the wild with an amazing 90% survival rate by using a strategy that leverages natural regeneration. RCU is continuing its effort to increase the amount of green space on campus and is a thought leader in the discussion of eco-restoration best practices. By 2024, it expects to plant 400,000 more seedlings.

“Restoration efforts in the desert landscapes of AlUla are shining examples of how determined action can yield concrete change,” stated Dr. Stephen Browne, Vice President of Wildlife and Natural Heritage at RCU. The world is given a message of hope, resiliency, and cooperation by RCU’s accomplishments, such as the restoration of native flora and the reintroduction of native animal species to their natural habitat. Our sponsorship of and participation in SER2023 is not just about celebrating our accomplishments; it is also about creating global standards that other countries can imitate.

RCU’s work emphasizes a larger narrative that ties nature and culture beyond its obvious ecological impact. In ‘conservation islands’ in the Hegra UNESCO World Heritage Site, native plant species are thriving, according to a recent RCU study, painting a striking picture of nature’s resiliency. RCU sees AlUla as a model for preserving and regenerating desert environments.

A key component of RCU’s ecological restoration initiatives is strong community support, and 154 Rangers from the AlUla community have been trained and sent out to work throughout the network of AlUla nature reserves. RCU is contributing to the development of international best practices for protected area management by delegating the care of the land to individuals who value it and by fusing traditional knowledge with contemporary methods.

Strategic alliances have helped RCU to better integrate its local activities with its larger goals. Its affiliation with organizations like the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) highlights its dedication to working together. This highlights RCU’s increasing influence in the eco-restoration sector and sends a strong statement to the rest of the world that environmental preservation is a shared responsibility.

RCU will be able to articulate its overarching aim through SER2023, which is to promote AlUla as a leading example of eco-restoration. With accomplishments ranging from establishing sizable protected areas to meticulously conserving desert ecosystems, RCU stands out as a pioneer who is setting the bar for sustainable environmental management globally, not simply as a participant.

Source- Travel daily

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