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To enable airline dynamic offers functionality at scale, ATPCO uses AWS Clean Rooms.

To enable airline dynamic offers functionality at scale, ATPCO uses AWS Clean Rooms.

Airlines will have access to AWS Clean Rooms through ATPCO so they can collaborate and analyse their combined datasets without having to develop time-consuming solutions. Airlines require additional data to supplement the current intelligence used to create fares and offers in order to enable the creation of dynamic offers at scale. Without disclosing their underlying raw data to one another, ATPCO and the cooperating airlines will be able to analyse their collective shopping insights using AWS Clean Rooms to produce the most pertinent offers, enhancing the customer experience.

More than any other company, ATPCO has access to the world’s most complete collection of airline data. Although many businesses have access to web-scraped insights, those don’t tell the full travel story; instead, reliable data and cutting-edge technology are required to generate additional value for all parties. In order to generate insights and innovate more quickly, AWS Clean Rooms enables the collaboration of approved airline, ATPCO fare, and fare-related data.

The first step to generating novel insights using the privacy-enhanced collaboration capabilities of AWS Clean Rooms to help accelerate change in the airline pricing landscape has been approved by ATPCO’s 11 board airlines.

According to ATPCO President and CEO Alex Zoghlin, “as the neutral industry platform, ATPCO is in a unique position to truly light the path for airlines to further explore dynamically created offers.” We are investigating the opportunities that the privacy-enhanced capabilities of AWS Clean Rooms provides, in order to generate rich pricing insights, as many airlines already provide their shopping data, including dynamically generated pricing. Travellers are seeking more individualised and customised offers than ever, and ATPCO customers’ ability to use this AWS service is a crucial first step in making this a reality.

Airlines that are interested in learning more about using ATPCO’s Clean Rooms, which are powered by AWS, should get in touch with ATPCO.
Source- Travel daily

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