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Top 10 Spanish regions with the most Americans living there

Top 10 Spanish regions with the most Americans living there

The Mediterranean nation of Spain, where approximately 40,000 Americans reside, is a no-brainer for many because of its climate, culture, and general standard of living. But where do Americans live in the greatest numbers? The specialists at Moving to Spain have conducted a fresh analysis to identify the 10 regions of Spain with the highest concentrations of Americans.

The study examined variables like the proportion of US citizens per 100,000 local people and the number of American expats living in each province of Spain.The study discovered:

With a total of 11,570 Americans, Madrid is the province with the highest American population. With a total of 171, it also has the greatest proportion of Americans per 100,000 population.

With 2,692 American expats and 157 American citizens overall per 100,000 residents, Málaga came in second. Barcelona completes our top 3, with 142 Americans per 100,000 residents.

Source- Travel daily

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