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Trio of Artists. Three Great Expeditions. The Art of Rail is announced by Journey Beyond.

Trio of Artists. Three Great Expeditions. The Art of Rail is announced by Journey Beyond.

Three artists, three extraordinary train rides. Taking The Ghan, Indian Pacific, or Great Southern across Australia from three different perspectives. At Adelaide Parklands Rail Terminal in Adelaide, where each of the rail journeys starts, ends, or in the case of the Indian Pacific, pauses on their way through, these journeys served as the inspiration for the artwork in an exhibition that is being held throughout August.

The exhibition, which is being presented by Journey Beyond as a part of the South Australian Living Arts (SALA) festival, is free and open to the public every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday in August from 1-4pm. The artworks will be offered for online bidding by art and rail enthusiasts in South Australia and elsewhere, with the majority of the proceeds going to charities chosen by each of the artists.

Australia’s landscapes, according to David Donald, Executive General Manager, Rail at Journey Beyond, “are as varied as they are large.” “It’s inspiring to see how three different artists have interpreted the story of Australia in The Ghan, Indian Pacific, and Great Southern, which each tell the tale of Australia. I’m thrilled to extend an invitation to anyone who enjoys art or taking trains to visit Adelaide Parklands Terminal to see this outstanding exhibition or to browse the artwork available for bidding online, knowing that the money raised will benefit other Australians.

The train journeys of each artist taking part in The Art of Rail have been interpreted in a variety of ways. An impressionist painter named Roscoe Shelton rode The Ghan across the dusty red earth of central Australia from Darwin to Adelaide. Roscoe took up painting later in life after having a career full of colour and tales, and he now uses it to transport you to a different reality through his work. As his preferred charity, Roscoe has suggested Rotary Adelaide. Rotary Adelaide is one of 1.4 million leaders and problem-solvers worldwide who collaborate with various communities to bring about long-lasting change.

Mali Isabel is an Adelaide-based Arabana and Kokatha artist who resides and works on Kaurna land. Mali travelled from Brisbane to Adelaide during the summertime on the Great Southern, gliding past picturesque coastal landscapes under clear skies. Mali uses modern dot paintings that feature every colour of the rainbow to spread her message of equality and positivity and to spark meaningful dialogue. The Healing Foundation has been proposed by Mali as her chosen charity. The Stolen Generations survivors’ voices and lived experiences are amplified by The Healing Foundation, a national organisation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Artist Luke Rabl produces work in a variety of media, including ceramics, paintings, and illustrations. Themes range from the whimsical and eclectic to abstract landscape images that emotionally engage the viewer. Luke used the colour schemes and textural qualities of the Australian landscape he saw during this journey as inspiration as he travelled across the continent on the Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth, stopping to eat in the middle of nowhere under a blanket of stars. Luke has suggested GIVIT, a national nonprofit group that uses an online platform to match generosity with real need.

GIVIT CEO Sarah Tennant expressed her excitement to be a part of the Art of Rail project. Due to the rising cost of living, the recovery from natural disasters, domestic and family violence, or homelessness, the needs of vulnerable people throughout Australia have more than doubled in the last 12 months, according to data from the GIVIT platform. Mali Isabel, Roscoe Shelton, and Luke Rabl are all artists, and we are so appreciative of their support of the vital work we do across the nation.

On August 1 and running through August 31, the Adelaide Parklands Terminal will host the Art of Rail exhibition. All Australians have access to the exhibition through the online auction platform.

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