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Turning 50 is the Sydney Opera House

Turning 50 is the Sydney Opera House

On October 20, 1950, the Sydney Opera House had its formal debut. 

According to Cameron Logan, an architecture professor at the School of Architecture, Design and Planning, “The Sydney Opera House is much more than its spectacular design and extraordinary position.However, despite being infamously derided as a “circus tent” by Frank Lloyd-Wright, Sydney has come to be embodied by the shape and environment of Utzon’s masterpiece.

“The Opera House has influenced how the city is viewed today by its own citizens and serves as a hub for tourists from around the globe.

The state government and its advisors have tried in recent years to quantify its value in terms of money, but the value to the city ultimately outweighs and defies all attempts at measurement.

Engineering and Construction

According to Dr. Faham Tahmasebinia, School of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, “The Sydney Opera House heralded a new era of concrete, constructed during the relatively early days of prestressing in Australia, a method which increases the performance of concrete over time.”

The original design concept was based on a reinforced shell construction, however it was far too difficult to build. Engineers and architects developed a precast ‘rib’ approach, with all the segments stressed together on-site, to realize Utzon’s concept.

Source- Travel daily

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