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Visit the NSRCC’s private Open House to learn more about the new golf course

Don’t pass up the opportunity to play on the recently unveiled NSRCC Kranji 18-Hole Golf Course or benefit from the exclusive membership discounts created to strengthen family ties.

We are excited to announce an upcoming Open House at National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC), Singapore’s top resort for golf fans and families looking for a peaceful getaway. scheduled for October 7th and 8th, 2023, at 10 Changi Coast Walk, from 10AM to 6PM. Two new products will be introduced at this event, appealing to both golf enthusiasts and those looking for quality family time amidst stunning natural surroundings. These products are designed to enrich the golf and country club experience.

Discover Amazing Savings at the NSRCC Open House Event

NSRCC offers a warm invitation to its Open House event at NSRCC Changi in honor of these appealing offerings. This occasion offers a chance to learn more about the Father & Son Campaign as well as an entertaining introduction to the club’s amenities.

In addition to this exceptional offer, NSRCC is happy to offer members-only buddy discounts, a unique referral program, and a gift of a $300 eyeglass voucher upon successful registration. Seize the chance to take full use of the privileges, which include discounted golf lesson packages, priority golf reservations, preferred prices for all facilities and events, and a variety of other advantages.

Come meet other golf lovers, make new friends, and enjoy the spirit of camaraderie that makes NSRCC a really special neighborhood.

The Father & Son Campaign: Golf and Family Bonding at Their Finest

NSRCC is proud to launch the Father & Son Campaign, a committed initiative focused at fostering and bolstering the relationships between fathers and sons, in recognition of the importance of family ties.

As a result of this campaign, fathers who are already NSRCC members now have the extraordinary chance to suggest that their sons join at a whopping 50% discount. This offer goes even further by enabling fathers and sons to begin a shared membership adventure with the benefit of the sons receiving the same special pricing. This offer is only available to full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) or Operationally-Ready NSmen, and it extends an alluring invitation to play golf while strengthening family ties.

A Fun-Filled Extravaganza for Everyone

Experience the magic of NSRCC’s Open House, a day packed with treats suitable for people of all ages. Enjoy nostalgic delicacies like ice cream, hot dog buns, various pancakes, and popcorn chicken in the vicinity of the membership signup booth. The pleasure keeps coming with a wide variety of games, including mini golf courses set up by our golf academies, hoops on the sports courts, bowling, and many other enjoyable pursuits in our function area.

The recently finished 18-hole golf course at NSRCC Kranji

The freshly finished NSRCC Kranji 18-hole Gary Player golf course, which measures an incredible 6400 meters and was created to deliver a world-class golfing experience amidst stunning scenery, is one of the highlights of the NSRCC’s portfolio.

Huge tracts of unspoiled swampland have been carefully preserved while new ponds, marshes, and waterbodies have been added and seamlessly woven into the design of the course to preserve the integrity of the natural environment. NSRCC Kranji is a location that combines the thrill of the game with the serenity of nature’s embrace, whether you’re an experienced golfer going for a hole-in-one or a beginning enthusiast looking to improve your skills.

National Service Country Club Resort

Set out on a riveting journey where superb golfing meets emotional familial ties. The eagerly awaited open house event is presented by NSRCC Singapore with excitement. Don’t pass up the chance to play on the recently unveiled NSRCC Kranji 18-Hole golf course or take advantage of special membership deals designed to foster closer family ties. For additional information, continue reading.

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