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With all proceeds going to Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance, a Perthshire hotel will host a charity open day.

With all proceeds going to Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance, a Perthshire hotel will host a charity open day.

On Wednesday, August 2, 2023, the Crieff Hydro Hotel in Perthshire will host Action Glen. The Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels has promised to donate the money collected from attendees, and an additional 5% of all proceeds from the event will support SCAA’s life-saving work.

Crieff Hydro’s Action Glen has become a firm favourite with both residents and visitors, and those looking for an action-packed day of adventure will be able to partake in a variety of activities while supporting the deserving cause.

Adventurers of all ages can enjoy a variety of activities at the attraction, which offers a variety of thrilling experiences amid the picturesque surroundings of the hotel’s grounds, including a tree top adventure, zip lines, segways, quad bikes, alpaca trekking, and much more.

“We are proud to support Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance by donating every penny from ticket sales and refreshments from Action Glen to our fantastic charity partner,” said Stephen Leckie, chairman and CEO of the Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels.We encourage visitors, the local community, and people from other areas to come to Action Glen on August 2 for what promises to be an unforgettable day of fun and adventure, all in the name of a good cause, as their dedication to saving lives throughout Scotland is remarkable.

“The day at Action Glen looks set to be a success, with lots of exhilarating fun for those attending as well as some welcome support for the charity,” said David Craig, CEO of SCAA.

We are grateful for the ongoing support that the Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels has shown us because SCAA is entirely dependent on donations from businesses and individuals to maintain what has evolved into a crucial life-saving service for everyone in Scotland.

Every year, the hotel group hosts thousands of tourists in Scotland, and SCAA is ready to respond to any emergency when guests or locals, both on the mainland and Scotland’s numerous islands, need our assistance.

Source- Travel daily

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