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Woman finds ‘creepy’ hidden camera in Airbnb bathroom

Woman finds ‘creepy’ hidden camera in Airbnb bathroom

A lady shared her terror on TikTok after learning that the Airbnb she was renting with her pals had a hidden camera.

According to Stuff, Kennedy Calwell and 14 other people were staying in Vancouver, Canada, to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday when their “paranoid” acquaintance said she sensed cameras observing them.

They originally believed her friend was “just being dramatic,” according to Ms. Calwell, but then they began to search “every single showerhead, all the picture frames, doorknobs, and everywhere in the house for a camera.”

They disassembled it with a butter knife after discovering a peculiar outlet that was too small to accommodate any equipment. They quickly discovered there was a little camera in the wall socket she said “faced directly to the shower,” as they had been told.

“As you can see, there is nothing in the top here; everything appears to be normal. Finally, she said in the video, “Look at that tiny camera in the bottom one. According to communications displayed by Ms Calwell in the film, the police appeared to acknowledge that there were several cameras in the building when the group called them.

The buddies are still awaiting the cameras’ analysis findings.

How to recognise whether an Airbnb has hidden cameras

On the tape, Ms Calwell made light of her own embarrassment, saying, “I was really embarrassed because of all the absolutely atrocious things I was doing in the bathroom the night before.”

Before requesting guidance on what to do, she said, “Part of me wasn’t convinced it was real and then they found the cameras, which means we’ve been there for a night showering and things.

There have been almost 6.5 million views of the video. The owners of the residence “claimed they didn’t know anything about hidden cameras,” Ms. Calwell wrote in the comments section later. However, they were renting the property to someone.

The home-stay website has suspended the listing where the camera was discovered. The Independent was given the following statement from an Airbnb spokesperson: “We ban hidden cameras and previously refunded the guest as we investigate this allegation.”

When a couple couldn’t cancel their reservation, they sought revenge by keeping the taps running for a month, leaving the Airbnb host in South Korea with a $1,570 (£1,260) bill.

Source: independent

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