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The healthiest city in the world is ‘absolutely beautiful’ - full list for British expats

The healthiest city in the world is ‘absolutely beautiful’ – full list for British expats

Many Britons desire to emigrate for a better quality of life. The world’s healthiest location for expats has been identified as a “absolutely beautiful” city.

The world’s healthiest cities were determined by travel firm Holidu by examining the places with the least pollution, the highest levels of happiness, and other significant variables. First place was shared by two stunning cities, both of which would be a wonderful spot for a British expat to settle down.

world’s healthiest cities

  • Sweden’s Stockholm and Portugal’s Faro
  • Stockholm, Finland
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Iceland’s Reykjavik
  • Israel’s Tel Aviv
  • USA – Las Vegas
  • London, England
  • Espaa, Malaga
  • Spain’s Seville

As the healthiest city for expats, Faro, the capital of Portugal’s Algarve, and Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, tied for top position.

But why is living in Stockholm such a healthy environment? People in Sweden have access to a lot of fresh seafood and fruit, and their diets are generally healthful. However, Sweden takes its sweets very seriously, and the country’s capital is teeming with pick-and-mix stores.

Stockholm’s citizens may easily go outside and exercise because the city has a lot of green space and relatively little air pollution.

One of the largest parks in the city is located on the island Kungliga Djurgrden. There are several museums around the vast open area.

Absolutely gorgeous, wrote a traveller by the name of ‘tmdowney69’ on Tripadvisor. Stockholm is such a lovely, clean city.

The Abba Museum and Skansen, an outdoor museum with its own animals, are both accessible to tourists on the island.

Stockholm is sunny and dazzling in the summer, when the sun rises as early as 3:30am.

However, during the winter, when the city has significantly fewer daylight hours than in the UK, newcomers might struggle.

Faro, Portugal, is one of the most affordable towns in Western Europe and offers some of the nicest weather in all of Europe.

The Algarve offers year-round access to some of Europe’s top beaches for expats.

The region is renowned for its golf courses, some of the greatest in the world. The diet of the Portuguese people includes a lot of fresh foods.

People have access to a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, and it is rich in healthy fats like olive oil.

Helsinki, which came in third on the list, would be the ideal option for Britons seeking a fresh start.

In this year’s rankings, Finland was named the world’s happiest nation for the sixth consecutive year.

The top-ranked city in Spain was Madrid, while Reykjavik came in at number four.

Las Vegas was the top-rated location in the USA, and Tel Aviv was the highest-rated city outside of Europe.

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